Sitting in a room full of ppl

Wearing the mask of happiness

No one sees the pain deep within

The tears fall on my checks as the woman to my left goes on to tell me her troubles

Feeling abandoned

Tortured by the demons that knows all truth

From one individual to another stuck as the blood run from my ears of having listen and protect the ones who’s knives r berried deep within my back

Only to feel alone and empty like the lines on this pad

Looking around for a way to escape this madness call life

Opening the door to run away from the agony no one knows

The chain of the inner demons attached to my ankle holding on to the fear inside

No strength to break loose

When the key is to love myself

………labresha geter


For at this moment

A clear head is giving a migraine

When everything had once seem complete

Now is once again the pain that made me pick up this pen

Thinking how the phase of being in love

Was my dream come true.

Have my childhood really did damage that cannot be undone

To want to stand so tall

But only feel 1 feet tall

To want to cry out

But the agony inside will not let it escape

Reminding yourself to breath

When situations become overbearing

Your lungs trying it’s best to contrast

When your body is starving for oxygen

While the pounding of your temples letting you know barring this arguments is killing ur soul

At this rate u will not survive

As I write

When my pen touches the paper my mind drifts off to a world where broken hearts go
When my pen touches the paper my mind drifts off to a world where my puddles of tears lay
Moments when I am bleeding internally
Music n this paper makes life easy to understand
The scars that hunts me is the pain that makes me
Searching for something I will never find
When u think u find love then wonder y it still like something is missing
When u find love n it’s really lust
Lay back n close my eyes just to vision the waves that gives me peace
Open my eyes to see me with devil horns
Burning my past that hunts me
Realizing it’s all a dream
Jerk back by the insecurities of life
Fall with my hands to my face tears overflow hands
Scream out I FUCKING GIVE!

Peaceful mind

A time away from reality
Is better than 1000 dollar vacation
Wanting understanding
Comfort  and unconditional love…..

For a split second ur future u knew so clear
Then reality kicked in
And now you have the blurry vision of pain
And heartache
the battle that never ends
To want so badly to hang up ur boxing gloves
But the fight must continue
Wounds now want heal
U have to fight through the pain of all ur scars
N pray u the last man standing
Closed eyes, spit n tears
With all ur might u swing u miss
Realizing ur alone
N dwn u go
Bell dings sounding so far away
But only because ears are stuffed with lies
Hard of hearing but u knw the fight is over
Struggling to get to ur feet
But exhaustion wins
On your knees in tears
A hand reaches to wipe ur tears
Blurry vision want let u see the face……
….labresha geter2016.

Feeling stuck 

Years of tears 

Fear was becoming my best friend
Looking In the mirror was smeared couldn’t see the queen that stood in front of it
Trying ur best to beat this life alone
Stuggling between the lost love of ur parents and being strong for ur own kids
No one to love u n help support u reaching out for a hand but…….

U get nothing u realize ur alone
It hurts
You cry
Takes time but u look around and refuse to live like this for ur kids
U wipe ur tears
U being to stand as u get a strong embrace for ur kids
U stand tall to show them n the world ur a superwoman
Striving to conquer a better life no longer want to see the hood tears rape and poor
Staring to see wat it feels like to be happy
to have  ppl that really cares
Understanding ur worth as a woman
And u smile big n brighter than ever
But now u stop n look around n see ur dreams farther away
Reaching n reaching but can’t get a grip
Lost dnt knw wat to do ur energy starting to fade
It’s hard u being to fall again
On ur knees wondering who hand ur going to see to b there
Who is going to b if life partner n take u away from ur own inner fears
Ur superman to go up up up and away from the things that holds up back….
….feeling stuck of wanting more n getting the same….

Burning desire to help!!

It took to the age of 24 to be able to accept my childhood. To be able to break all attachments to that terrible past. Had so many rough nights and to look up and have no one around not even my mom or dad for comfort. Right now to have so much room in my heart I want to share my story, but really to be there for another teen girl to listen and help wipe away her tears. No one wants to be alone.

“Wipe those tears I’m here to listen”